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This is the only site authorized and developed by Ritchie's family, Bob, Connie, Irma and Mario. Take your time, there is a lot of great photos and memories we want to share with you. We hope you will enjoy your visit with us and come back often.

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News from The Family
The 2nd Annual Ritchie Valens Day
What's up with Mario
A Legend Lost
The Ritchie Valens Foundation
Ritchie Valens Memorabilia On Loan
Original Ritchie
Three Star Plaza Fundraiser
Ritchie Valens’ Soy Capitan™ Cola

Original Ritchie

Original Ritchie, the Ritchie Valens Store, opened May of 2006. Please click on to Original Ritchie for a visit. We hope you will love what you find there "Our Best Sellers" the music "CD"S" and the T-shirts. The Family would like to thank all of customers both here in the USA , Australia, and the United Kingdom we are not only National but International.

For the best selection in Ritchie Valens CD's just click on "Music" once in Original Ritchie.

Ritchie Valens’ Soy Capitan™ Cola

C3 Entertainment, Inc. is excited to announce a license with Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops to produce a Ritchie Valens soft drink called Soy CapitanTM Cola for sale in all Rocket Fizz stores and other select outlets.
In stores now, you can enjoy a bottle of Ritchie Valens’ Soy Capitan™ Cola around the country in 28 states and over 120 locations. The bottle features classic imagery of Ritchie Valens with one of his electric guitars.
According to the Valens family, cola was Ritchie’s favorite soft drink flavor. He could often be found sipping a cola with friends at the popular Southern California diner, Bob’s Big Boy. Read more.

Ritchie Valens’ Soy Capitan™ Cola

For Licensing, Merchandising and Advertising Contact:
Ani Khachoian
Executive Vice President of Licensing, Merchandising and Distribution
C3 Entertainment, Inc.
1415 Gardena Avenue
Glendale, CA 91204
Email - Phone: (818) 956-1337 ext. 215

What's up with The Family

Ritchie's family invites you to join them in celebrating, The 2nd Annual Ritchie Valens Day in Los Angeles, California. The family is pleased to be working alongside C-3 Entertainment and hopes to see you at the meet and greet, Friday May 12, at The Rocket Fizz Store in Burbank, CA. Ritchie has a new soda pop. "Soy Capitan" see poster for the details.

Don't wait in line! Get your tickets now, To Come On Let's Go Ritchie Valens Day, "Sock Hop". Proceeds from BrownPaperTickets to benefit the Ritchie Valens Foundation.

2nd annual Ritchie Valens Day in Los  Angeles, California, Saturday May 13 2017

Saturday May 13, help us celebrate Ritchie's Birthday grab the kids, your poodle skirt and roll up your sleeves, for a fun, family friendly Sock Hop. Please see poster for event details. Kids under 18 free when accompanied by a parent.

We are still in need of event sponsors, if interested please email us. Or call Randy at 1 (702) 860-6560 You or your company will be mentioned in upcoming media advertising.

The Ritchie Valens Foundation

The Ritchie Valens Foundation, a non-profit organization, has been created to inspire, connect, and bring youths closer to their dreams of a career in the music industry.

Three Star Plaza Fundraiser

Imagine walking unto Three Star Plaza and being able to select from the interactive podium, your favorite Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper or Buddy Holly song. Please help with with your donation to bring the music to Three Star Plaza, no amount too large or small...
Send your check with the memo Three Star Plaza Fundraiser. For address and phone number check the The Surf Ballroom The Surf Ballroom is a non-profit, so your donation is tax deductible. Thank you for your support. Three Star Plaza

What's up with Mario

Mario and the Backyard Blues Band.

A Legend Lost
Tommy Allsup

It is with heavy hearts that we learned of Tommy Allsup passing. Over the years a strong bond was formed between Ritchie's sibling's and Tommy. With Mario it was through music, Tommy invited Mario to share the stage with him at the WDP concerts, they recieved standing ovations, Tommy once told Mario that, "They were the Real Deal " with Bob, Connie & Irma, it was an emotional and sentimental bond. On February 2,1959 Ritchie, asked Tommy over and over let me fly, Tommy finally said okay , I'll flip you for it. That coin toss gave Tommy another 58 years, he continued to play the music he loved and lived his life to the fullest. Tommy's presence at the WDP was a highlight. The fans both loved and respected Tommy, he was a gracious, kind and when he smiled he lit up the room.

Ritchie Valens Memorabilia Items On Loan

Most fans don't know that many of Ritchie's personal belonging were taken from our Mothers home right after Ritchie's death, some of those items have been sold at auction, and others are held captive. Fortunately the family has recovered a few items, through the generosity of those who had them, once they discovered their true origin.

We are proud to announce that most of these items are housed in Museums across the country. At The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles you can visit Ritchie's Harmony Guitar the one he painted green in wood-shop at San Fernando High, along with other items.The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland Ohio, has Ritchie's performance outfit the Blue Satin Shirt Rhinestone Studded Pant and Vest and Roller Skates. The Surf Ballroom and Museum in Clear Lake Iowa has the Bow Tie Ritchie wore in his first professional portrait, the Wallet that he was carrying at the time of the crash, along with family photos. We hope that in your travels you will stop and visit these famous sites.